This app is a sandbox that directs SQL queries to Arne's terrific WSPR spot database at
Examples found in Saved.. are from casual testing and may be buggy and better written. Check Arne's link for more info.   73 Phil VK7JJ

=> Enter your query below:   ->
[copy results to clipboard] [save to disk as tsv] Create a browser link to a search: hold down the option/alt key and click the [Submit query] button.
Database query responses and SQL syntax errors are displayed here. Click table column labels to sort. - save your own queries to the Saved list. - saving an item using an existing name replaces the original. The Backup-to-disk and Restore buttons are in the header of the Saved dialog - the data is saved in JSON text format. - you can edit it in something like the free 'JSON Editor' (select Tree view) in the Apple store.