Problems and Help

• Privacy
• Browser compatibility
• Bugs
• Any non-obvious features?


• The ClickHouse database
• Uniques
• Advanced search panel
• Auto-search
• Email a link to a search
• Email a link to an individual spot or spots
• Store your current spots table for later use
• Save your current search settings

Spot Analysis

• SpotQ
• Statistics
• Duplicate spots
• Viewing the spread of spots in the WSPR audio passband

Charts and Visualisation

• The Map
• Charts
• The Night map overlay
• Map slider 'watts'
• Map slider 'hours'
• The Great Circle Ruler
• Display a long path
• Guess long paths
• Display 4 or 6 char locator squares
• Google Earth: export normal WSPR spots as a KML file


• Search for balloons
• Display a balloon track
• Display balloon telemetry
• Google Earth: export balloon spots as a KML file

Tools and Utilities

• Save search results to disk
• Import and display downloaded WSPRnet CSV spot files
• Ping the website

Coded on a Mac using nova editor.
Server coded in node.js and express.

Suggestions and bug reports welcome, vk7jj at me dot com

73, Phil VK7JJ