Quick start
1. Click the Search.. button in the panel above to display the current VE30CL flight U4B-29
2. Look up and enter Dave VE3KCL's flight callsigns and slot times from here
- older flights will absolutely need date editing, look up the date the flight started and enter it manually
- manual date editing:   click the gold coloured date/time and edit it, keep the format the same eg. 2022-04-26 16:57
- replace 'now' with a fixed date of the same format if you wish to search between two dates
3. Learn about telemetry here

73 Phil VK7JJ

This site uses Arne's fantastic ClickHouse db to track WSPR balloons both current and historic as far back as 2008.

- balloons: check which of Dave VE3KCL's balloons are in the air from the link above, use their slot and telemetry call and slot.
- other balloons: KD2FOU slot 6, W8VPV slot 6, KM4YHI slot 2, all with no tele. Google for others including historic flights.
- search: you can enter just a balloon callsign but it's transmit time slot helps ("time slot" means minutes past the UTC hour for TX)
- telemetry: telemetry is only available for balloons which transmit a tele callsign (eg. 0_4%) at a tele slot time.
- historic: the date/time fields (including 'now') are text editable, eg. 2020-06-01 00:00 for ZL1RS (no slot).
- table: click a locator (txGrid) to highlight that balloon on the map.
- charts: for telemetry searches only mouseover a data point for info, click a data point to locate it on the map.
- weather: on the map, click any of the last 5 days of balloons to show local ground weather and sun info at it's date/time.
- strange values: bad decodes by WSJT are not uncommon and can produce weird results, right-click any balloon to hide it on the map.
V 3.0.1   28th July 2021

Check out the main wspr mapping site at wspr.rocks
Bug reports and comments to vk7jj at me dot com

ClickHouse db by Arne at wspr.live
Database hosting by Rob at WSPR Daemon
Web hosting by Nearly Free Speech
This website by Phil VK7JJ